Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

100th Posts in This Year (Just Another Weird Post)

Look at this screen shoot!
99 posts!
Hurraaay! I've written 99 posts this year. It feels like I'm dreaming. Yeah, it really is. I remember when I started to write posts on this blog. It took centuries to have one post. But, this year seems like my "gold" year. I won the game. My laziness lose. And finally I reach my 100th post in this year.

Yeah, I know not all my post are good. They may be not good enough. But I've been trying so hard, you know. Well, not too hard lately, because I'm currently in love with writing on blog. Yes, I really am. I sometimes miss my blog. I also feel emptyness when I'm not with my dashboard.

But, I'm still not a good blogger I think. because I'm only fond on writing. But not into blog-walking too much. I like reading other people's blog, but I rarely give them a comment. Yes, yes, I'm selfish, I'm stingy, I'm NOT A GOOD BLOGGER. But I promise, I will get better later. Just look at the next 2-3 years. (long time, huh? :D)

Although I'm not a good blogger, at least I can be a source of inspiration for a handful of people out there. I wish.

Okay reader, thank you so much for visiting, ya!

Love, Meela xx.

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