Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Fieldwork VS Fieldtrip

2 weeks ago, I told you that I would share my stories when I was doing "Fieldwork" with my Team. But, I didn't have much time to write about it. And, because it's friday-night, and I'm currently not doing any homework, I decided to fulfill my promise. Actually, I have so many homeworks. But, at this time I just don't wanna remember them for awhile.

Okay, I don't wanna waste too much time, so, here are some photos of my Fieldwork 3. :)

Some of my Team. Left-Right: Brian, Sevi, Me, Uus, Isti, Rezita, Lilik, Tanti, Nila, Icha, Sinta.

While my Girls were busy with her stuff, my friend took a photo, and I was the only one who realized it. :D

I touched the mountain. Err, Is it mountain or only a hill?

I posed, while the bird's flying across the sky. And my camera captured it.

Me and Rezita, about to make a love sign, but, suddenly Isti came and destroy all.

By the way, did you all know what we did there? Took photos? NO. BIG no! We observed the soil at 11 points. We needed 2 days to finish those 11 points. But, over all, I really loved that 2 days of fun.

Now, I'm gonna share another story of me. It's Manajemen Agroekosistem Fieldtrip. Me and my friends go to Junggo, Batu, to observed pest, disease, soil, and anything linked with the agroekosistem on an apple plantation. Mr. Imam Gozali is the owner of that plantation. Unfortunatelly, I don't have his photo. But, I have some photos of me and my friends. Here they are.

My friends (left-right): Ria, Hanif, Dyla, Me, Evana, Faris, Habib.

This is me!! My innocent face. Really like this photo. Thanks to Ria who took it.

Me and Faris. Busy on observing the pests and diseases on apple trees.

Me with apple tree. So natural, yeah?

And, the last is photos of my friends. Look, how narcissistic they are.

Well, that's all my story from Fieldtrip and Fieldwork. For bonus, I give you this 2 beautiful photo-taken by me free! :D

Meela xx.

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