Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

It's about My Friend's Bussiness Partner

Well, according to my promise last month, I'm going to share the story about me and my friend's bussiness partner. Actually, before I call his bussiness partner, my friend bought me some pulses. I didn't ask my friend to do that, but he did it because he wanted to do that. Lucky me, when I call his bussiness partner, there's no answer. But, 5 seconds after that, his bussiness partner call me back. :D

Here's the conversation between us:
Meela: Good afternoon, may I help you?
My Friend's Bussiness Partner: Yes, did you phone me, a few second ago?
Meela: Yes, aren't you ****'s (My Friend) bussiness partner who want to buy ****?
MFBF: Yes, who are you?
Meela: I'm his bestfriend. He's really busy at this time, and he ask me to explain you about ****.
MFBF: What's your name?
Meela: Oh, my name is Meela.
MFBF: Meela? Do you wear hijab? do you wear glasses?
Meela: Yes, yes, how do you know me?
MFBF: I read your blog. Waw, your blog is so amazing.
Meela: Ooooo~ (I'm spechless) :D

After that, we had some chit chat, before he said "It doesn't matter at all, Sist. I'm fine", and my mission is complete!

Meela xx. :)

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