Senin, 13 Mei 2013


O, MG. it's May already! How was your life, everyone? Mine? Been so good. Alhamdulillahirobbilalaamin. I told you before that I always love April. But, April 2013 is the best, guys. One of my dreams, the biggest one, has came true. Once, again, Alhamdulillah. :)

But, sorry to say, I can't tell you what it is. Well, not yet. Someday, I'll tell you what happened in April 2013. Clue? Okay. One clue: Ivan. Hihi. So, it's about my love life.

Okay, back to May. Since April 2013 is the best among another, May 2013 is also my best May. The first important thing about May is, I already started my research. I planted my common beans at the beginning of this month. Well, not all of it is good. It also means that I need to go to the field once, twice, or three times a week, or even everyday to take care of my common beans. Tired? Yes. Burnt? Super yes. The saddest thing is I got muscles in my hands. The second thing is, Ivan and I went to a wedding party for the very first time. Well, I'd been going to some weddings but this time I went there with my love, Ivan. The third is, I went to Situbondo with some great people last Wednesday. It was so fun, though some were not. But, I still love it and want some more great experience like those, (very) bad hotel room, motorcycling in the middle of the night, got some drinks at coffee shop, went to the dock, night market at alun-alun Situbondo, some unique foods, and many others. The fourth, the fift, the sixth, and the others is much more interesting, but, they are my best three things in this month.

Ooops, I forgot something, I met my senior high school bestfriend, @whenimas and @pradiskadiska. I missed them so much and was so happy, finally can meet, talk, and get some photos together. It happened a day before I went to Situbondo. Well, I call it combo great things. Thanks Allah. You do love me. :)

Since it's still May 13, I'm sure there will be more great things in this month. Aamiin.

Anyway, I went to Malaysia last April 24 until 27. It was soooooo~ fun, I'll write about it later. Because now, I need to have some breakfast. So, see you at the next post, great people. :)

Meela xx

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