Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Fashion Story

This is a supa-random posting.

I've played Fashion Story since I can't remember when, and still play it. First, I played this game on my Android, my Storm ID is disismeel. Since playing games on iPad is so much easier than on Android, I install Fashion Story on my iPad, but I can't load my old Strom ID. So, I made a new one, disismeela. Add me please! :D
I've reached level 35 (old one: 44, as I remember). I have 43,355K money, no diamond, 100 loves, 3 stars, and 107 neighbors. I'm about to make my botique larger, but, have no money to pay for it. It costs 1.000K. Hiks.
See? It's super duper random. But, trust me, this is a super duper time-killer game that will not let you bored. You can download it at AppStore or Google Play. And it's free!

Okay, people, I need to go to sleep. See you at the next posting. ;)

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