Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

Eco Green Park, Batu

You are an agro-eco-technology student? Or care about ecology, nature, and all about them? You should visit Eco Green Park at Batu. If you're not one of them, but you like photography, or you have a child, or whatever, you should go to Eco Green Park, too.

Nooo, I do not get paid to do this.

Yesterday, I went to Eco Green Park with my Ivan, and his friends. Well, actually, this is not my first time, but my third.

We arrived at Eco Green Park at 9 am (as I remember), and then we bought the tickets that cost 45K IDR per person. This is weekend price, if you go there at weekdays, it will cost 30K IDR. Cheap enough, well, we get what we pay.

What's in it? There are... Errr... They give us so much information about ecology. They have many moths, birds, and ducks. There is a bird show sometimes. And also an upside down house that is caused by Sandy Storm. And many mooore.

The foodcourt, hmm, I like it so much. They hung some flowers at the roof, so pretty. Unfortunatelly, I did not take a picture at the foodcourt.

This is some pictures I took...!!!

I did not take many pictures because I want to enjoy what's served and "absorb" informations as much as I can.

I learnt how to make an animal feed and also biogas and biofertilizer. I also learnt about some recycling codes.
Pic from: http://www.vikoz.com/

Shortly, you can refresh your mind and get so much informations at once here!

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