Minggu, 25 September 2011

Sendangbiru Beach

B.E.A.C.H. When I was child, I often to the beach with my lovely family. But, since I went to college and my Father is getting busier, we never go to the beach anymore. And, today, yes, today, my family and of course, I, went to Sendangbiru Beach.

Sendangbiru Beach is one of many beaches in Kabupaten Malang. Although it's located in Malang, it's quite far from my house. I spent more than 3 hours to go there. It feels longer than when I go to Surabaya. Moreover, the road to that beach is curvaceous and wavy. But, the scenery along the road saved me from the boredom. There are many trees. Coconut trees, banana trees, cocoa trees, corn, sugarcane, and many other.

If you want to visit Sendangbiru, you have to pay IDR 6.000/ adult. And if you're still a child, you don't have to pay. It's not expensive, right?

At Sendangbiru, I found so much fishing boats that also can be rented if you need it to cross to the Sempu Island. Sempu Island is really popular in Malang. But, honestly, I've never gone there. It looks scary. And if you want to go to Sempu Island, you need more than one day, because one day is not enough, people said.

Well, this is my photos at Sendangbiru. I hope it can make you jealous, and want to go to Sendangbiru next weekend. :P

I really love the sky. <3

Pasmina from my "Him", flowered dress from my Auntie, White rubber shoes I bought in Malaysia, Batik bag I bought at Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Legging and socks from my Mom.

Me and fishing boat. :)

Looks weird ya?

Mom, Mom, can you hear me?

W/ my lovely family
I was *keceh*

I was the one who realized the camera. :P

Looking at the blue-beach. So calm.

My Litle Brother and Sister. <3

Ouch, my heel . >.<

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3 komentar:

  1. asyiknya... ajak2 dong. haha

  2. @Annesya: wah, mbak blogger terkenal mampir di blog saya rek. 8-) ayo deh mbak, kapan-kapan kalo main ke malang saya ajak ke sana. tapi akomodasi mbak yang naggung ya. :D

    @mas Danu: as I said on Twitter, i don't have much time. :( sempu ada apa emang mas? hehe.


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