Senin, 05 September 2011

The Updated Blogger Interface

Hello World!
Well, it's not really a long time since I wrote my last post. But, I've already missed you all. :)

When I went to "" from my PC a couple days ago, I found a notification about the updated Blogger interface. Then I tried it, but it takes a longer time then usual only to open my Dashboard. Because I don't like waiting, I closed my browser then went to bed. And now, I am really on the mood to talk about that updated Blogger interface.

As what I said on top, this Blogger interface is slower than before. But honestly, I like it more than the oldstyle because it looks more "modern". Beside that, I haven't found any differences. Well, If I found something interesting I'll share it to you.

Anyway, not only Blogger but also Facebook that has a new interface. When I opened "" from my PC, a also found something new, and I took the Tutorial. New Facebook interface provides us to tag people without typing "@" before the name. It also makes us easier to share where we are right now, because there's a new feature; Places. Well, Facebook for Blacberry and Facebook for Android or may be Facebook for iPhone too, have already provided it before, but at PC it's something really new, as I know.

Away from my PC too long makes me feel like I'm so oldschool. I missed so many things.

Okay, people, here is the updated Blogger Interface that I'm talking about;
Updated Blogger Interface (Dashboard)
See the differences? Anyway, when I upload this image, I found something NEW! That the link of the image that we upload is not inserted on the first paragraph, but it's inserted at the place where the pointer (or what) is.

And, this is the new Facebook interface;

New Facebook Interface

O, my God, you know what? When I clicked "preview", it brought me to the new tab with my post on my blog but it has no spaces from one paragraph to the other. Then I clicked "compose" and I like it. I can't describe it through words but I'll give you the PrintScreen.
More "Editing-feature"
I've ever said that WordPress has more "editing-feature" than Blogger, but now, I think they are equal. Beside the updated "editing-feature" we also can easily edit the images we upload only by clicking the images. We can change the size and also add a caption. YES, I like this UPDATED BLOGGER INTERFACE!

Well, that's all from me. I'm very sorry because my English is not really good. I think I could write better if I use Bahasa. But, I want to be improved. So, I try (so hard) to write in English. :)

Love, Meela xx.

Anyway, I'm sorry for mentioning Facebook and WordPress. :P

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