Minggu, 05 Juni 2011

That Haughty Girls

No need to be you, you, or you!
I'm what I'm.
I'm beautiful no matter what.
I'm beautiful in my own way.

That's my last status on Facebook. You know why I shouted that kind of status? It's because I'm getting sick with all the girls on Facebook that likes to boast about theirself. Yes, I like confident people. But, not the one who's too overbearing just like them.

Really funny when I opened my home, then I saw those two haughty girls who's busy on boasting about things that is not really important. First, I thought they are a nice girl. They are smart, beautiful, extraordinary, knowledgeable, and they are multitalented (I thought). But, when I saw their misbehavior, all my good thoughts disappear.

They think they are the only one who's "THE MOST" in this world. They don't appreciate one another, and they don't appreciate others.

Huff, honestly, I don't like to talk behind someone. I don't like to vilify others. I better stop this before I go too far. :)

But, anyway, thank you for visiting my blog.
Have a nice day, people!

Love ya!
Meela xx.

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