Minggu, 06 Januari 2013

New Years: 2013

I swear to you, I don't celebrate this kind of "New Year", because according to my religion, our new year is not January the 1st, but it's 1 Muharram. But, whether I celebrate it or not, my lovely country, Indonesia, uses this kind of calendar system.

2012 ran so fast. Too fast, I don't even realize it that I've already passed it. Well, may be because there wasn't much special event in my life along that year.

I remember, and I will always remember 2012 as my "internship year", because the most special event happened to me in 2012 is my internship at PT. BISI International, Tbk.

Okay, forget about 2012. Wake up, people! Today, well, tonight, is already 2013. What will you do in this year? What will you make for yourself, for your family, and people you love in this year? What will happen to you in this year? What will blablablabla in this year? Okay, stop it. Don't answer those questions, don't ask another question, don't think too much, smile, and just face it.

And, wish.

I wish, this year could be my very very last year of college. I wish, I could be graduated from Brawijaya University in this year. I wish, every problems from 2012 could be solved at the first month of this year. I really wish. And I wish, 2013 could be "my year". Aamiin.

Oh, one more thing, I wish, I can write more and more and more on this blog.

Well, at last but not least at all, happy 2013!! :D

Love, Meela xx. :)

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