Selasa, 01 November 2011

Middle Exam (Again)

Hello, another Middle Exam!

I don't know why my passion to write a post always increases when I'm on the middle of Middle Exam. It doesn't happen once, but almost every Semester. Well, maybe no homework is the reason why. And that's why I always love Middle Exam and her friend, Final Exam.

By the way, I often get nervous when I'm doing a test. That's why I rarely get a perfect score on exam. But, Alhamdulillah, I can handle it now. Although there is a little mistake (but usually really important) left. It usually happens when I love the subject and I'm too excited then I forget to read the instruction carefully. I have no problem when I'm doing it, but after that, when my friends talk about it, I realized that I missed a little but really important thing, then my problem's coming.

But yeah, it's not a big deal. The point of learning is understand it not only get a good mark. But, it's important for me (and you who has a same problem with me) to be more careful on doing anything, not only a test.

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HAVE A GOOD DAY, readers! And for those who is on the Middle Exam, good luck and wish me luck, yes?

Love, Meela xx.

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