Rabu, 13 April 2011

Middle Exam :)

Anyone knows why I gave a smile on the title of this post? It's because I have fallen in love with Mid-Semester Exam (Indonesian people call it UTS) since I entered college. How come? Because, during UTS, I don't have to listen to lectures by professors, I don't need to think about tasks that are very much, I don't need to go to the field for practice, I don't have to worry about lab reports that are very crazy, and I have a lot of time to have fun.

UTS and UAS are the best time I've been waiting for. I do love the Final Examination (We call it UAS), as much as I love the UTS. Moreover, the UAS for the second semester. Because, long holiday is coming soon after, and I can't stop thinking about it all the time.

Actually, I just want to tell people in the world that I'm in the UTS. Well, this is not essential. Maybe no one out there that cares, if I'm UAS, UTS, or whatever. But, perhaps in the other parts of the world, there is someone that is very fond of this blog.

As I have just experienced. Something very unexpected. I had never imagined before. Do you want to know the story? Ok, I'll tell it.

Well, this morning my friend (whose name is withheld) told me to call his business partner who lives in a city that’s far from where we live. I was asked by my friend to explain something and apologize for the mistakes we did to his business partner.

At first, our conversation was very-okay, but when I mention my name, he immediately mentioned my physical features precisely, he said he had read my blog, and he said my writing is very good. Wow! I was very surprised (when on the phone I tried to be cool, but I’m actually very pleased and wanted to srceam like this "aaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhh"). Not only my close friends, or friends of my school and college, or friends in social networking are reading my blog, but people who I do not really know also read my blog. I am so ashamed. But I also feel proud. (I’m going to write the full story of what happened when I called him on the next time).

Apparently, the blog has enormous power. If you want to be "exist", try to create a blog, then fill your blog with pictures, writings, quotes, or whatever you want to share with people. But, in fact the original purpose to create a blog is not like that. Bloggers just want to share their life story to people out there, and can provide inspiration. Just like me. :)

Love, Meela xx.

P.S: I'm sorry for my bad English. :(

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