Selasa, 17 April 2012

Happy April 15th

Today is April 17th, and, I'm gonna talk about April the 15th, a.k.a my birthday. Say "happy birthday" to me please. :D

Well, as always, my 21st birthday, 2 days ago, was so-so. No birthday cakes, no gifts, well, there's only one gift from my brother. A cadburry diary milk chocolate with cashew and cookies inside. To be honest, this chocolate doesn't taste so-so at all. It tastes so good and crazily addictive. Here's the picture edited by Molome.
My first and only gift
Well, yeah, I'm still addicted to Molome. It's currently trending on Twitter. Some reject it, some other accept it. That's life. But, in my opinion, Molome is a good application for BlackBerry, Nokia, and even Android. Altough Android has Instagram now, that's cool at first. But, Molome is so much better and friendly than Intsagram. There are new friends on Molome, but on Instagram there're only old-friend and famous people I don't really care. So, I uninstall Instagram from my Android. It's too heavy for my Galaxy Mini. :D

HEY! Back to my birthday!

But, there's something, a little thing, but means so much to me, on this 21st birthday. What is it? It's HIM. Yeah, I'm not allowed to communicate with him. Even trough my cell phone. I really miss him. But, I need to be patient, more and more patient. Because, if I push myself to meet him, it means hell to us. There will be no future for us. Just like what the saying goes, "bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian".

But, again, life must go on, and with or without him, now I'm 21 years old.

Birthday, is identical with wishes. And, for my 21st birthday, here's my wish...
Aku ingin menjadi normal. Beberapa orang menganggap kehidupan normal itu sangat tidak pantas untuk diharapkan. Tapi, ya, aku di sini sangat mengharapkan kehidupan normal. Di mana aku bebas mengekspresikan apa yang ada di dalam hatiku tanpa takut besok akan terjadi kegemparan di keluarga besarku. Di mana aku bisa pergi ke tempat-tempat yang indah, bersama orang-orang yang aku mau. Di mana aku bebas.
People wish me all the best, and I wish God listen to what people wish so that I can get the best. Aamiin. :)

Well, here I am, a 21 years old, pure Indonesian girl. Doing what I love to do, being what I want to be, and loving who I want to love. This is my life, my rules, so think hundred times if you want to lead me on. Happy birthday to me!

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