Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Your Life is the Best Life for the Best You

Sometimes, when I watched TV, and I saw beautiful-cool-blablabla-and-look-happy-celebrities, I felt jealous. I went to the mirror and saw an-average-face-girl with glasses and flaws that looked not happy at all. And something inside my mind said "I want to be like them".
Another time, I went to the mall, and I saw a happy and romantic couple. The girl held the boy's hand. Really close, warm, and making me jealous too. I remembered my boy, ups, I mean my man. He's so much better than her boy. Our love is so much stronger than theirs. But, our way is not easy. And we have to be separated when we just realize that we love each other too much.

Some other time, I saw someone on Facebook with hundreds pictures of her and her friends. And I got jealous again. I tried to remember friends I had. One, two, three, four, five, and blablabla. But, where are they now? They are happy with another friends of them. And I'm left here alone. Yeah, alone.

Then, I decided to move to Twitter. I saw a-happy-go-lucky-girl were getting ready to go to USA, and another lucky girl returned from her long-long-long-journey around Europe. Another jealous feeling came to my mind. Yeah, I have ever gone to another country, Malaysia and Singapore. But I went there with my family. I want to go abroad alone, not one or two days, but a month, a year, or even more.

Then I stopped "jealousing". I came back to reality. Hey, Mila! Why are you so greedy? Why do you want so many things? Don't you feel thankful for what you have here?

Have you ever felt the same way I feel right now? Yes? No? I know, sometimes you do "jealousing" too. Well, I think it's normal because we're only human. But, have you ever think that your life, right now, rich or poor, smart or dumb, beautiful or fugly, lucky or unlucky, ordinary or extraordinary, IS THE BEST LIFE FOR YOU. And all you have to do is being thankful for them all what God had given to you. Say: Alhamdulillah, and smile!

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