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Between* - A Space Just for Two

Nowadays, people are really crazy about instant messaging. Long, long, long time ago, when I was a teenager, Mig33, mXit, Nimbuzz, and some other instant messaging applications were really popular, besides Gtalk and Yahoo Messanger (YM). And then, at the begining of smartphone era, BBM or BlackBerry Messanger was something every people must have. After the coming of BBM, many application developers were trying to make instant messanging aplications with more features and better appearances to attract us. WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, Fring, Skype (well, may be this one is older), and many other instant messaging applications you can mention, displayed in the App Store, Play Store, and App World.

And today, many people are trapped in a long-distance relationship. The harmony of their relationship depends on communication that exists between them. Therefore, the instant messaging application is needed here. Not only because it is more efficient than the regular SMS, but IM is also very easy to use. You only need to connect with internet connection, then you are able to send the "free" message, and make a "free" call or video call to people you love.

However, that IMs  mentioned above are too "mainstream" for those who need privacy to do. Then they made the new instant messaging applications created specifically for couples. Two couples applications Ivan and I have used are Avocado and Between*. And after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of both, we chose to use Between*.
Do you want to know more about Between*? You can visit: http://appbetween.us/en/. And here is the link of Avocado: https://avocado.io/.

You know what? I do love their tag line, "a space just for two" (Between*) and "the app for you and your favorite person" (Avocado). It sound so sweeeee~t. :3

They both have advantages and disadvantages. Avocado is way too slow for us, but it can be accessed via PC. Between* is not too slow, I think it's as fast as WeChat, but, it can't be accessed via PC. So why did we choose Between*? Because we don't like to wait, it has the better appearance, and we can comment on photos we shared and will get a notification when your partner reply your comment (It's like we have a private Facebook or Instagram :D).
Between is a beautiful space where you can share all your moments only with the one that matters. Create, share and remember all your moments with your special someone. Get started now!
For me, Between* is a perfect application for couples. We can share calendar, photos, and memos. It feels like we have a private social networking (we can update our status). It's fast enough as long as your internet connection is good. We can set the size of photos we are going to share. And at last but not least, we can send free text and voice message to someone we love. And also it has many cute emoticons and stickers. Perfect! And, one more thing, it's free!

For the next update, I hope we can make a call, video call, and also share alarm. :D

But, after all, WhatsApp is unbeatable and WeChat has most features.

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