Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

The Forbidden Door (2009)

This week and next week, I will be on Final Examination. I've passed three subjects and there're four subjects more. But, this Friday until next Monday, I'll be free because there's no examination. Since my life is getting awkward this year, well, actually this month, and I don't know when will it lasts, I have nothing to do when I'm in my house. So, I decided to watch a movie.

And, what's the lucky movie? It's The Forbidden Door, or in Bahasa we call it Pintu Terlarang. First, I thought it was a horror movie with a lot of scary scenes. But it is not. It's kind of thriller movie. I don't know what thriller movie means anyway, and what's the difference between horror and thriller. But, this movie is one of the best Indonesian Movies I've ever watched.

This movie tells about a child that's abused by his parents. And when he was 8 years old he killed his parents and put into prison (or kind of mental hospitals). In prison, he dreams (or what?) a story that became the plot of "Forbidden Doors". This film brings the audience to go to another world that entirely different from our world here. Many shocking scenes, and every scene makes the audience very tense. Unfortunately, the ending of this movie is not so clear. And I can not take a wisdom from the movie. But, overall, I like this movie.

How do you think? I think you will like this movie, too. Then, go get this movie! :D

Love, Meela xx.

6 komentar:

  1. salam kenal jga :) hobi nulis cerita ya :)

  2. wah gak suka nonton film, jadi gak ngerti film ini hehee

  3. Belum pernah nonton.. Tapi thanks udah share! :)

  4. Beruntung bagi pecinta film untuk mendapatkan resensinyya Mba.

    Sukses selalu
    Ejawantah's Blog

  5. @wisnu murti: bukan hobi nulis cerita sih. tapi hobi bercerita. hehe.

    @Sang Cerpenis bercerita: makasih udah sudi mampir ya Mbak. :)

    @Elfrida Chania: sama2. thanks udah mampir dan meninggalkan jejak. :)

    @Ejawantah's Blog: hehe. makasih, makasih. salam sukses selalu ya. :)


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